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Section F

Find my new shorty “Section F” on youtube! Take a look guys. 🙂

But I couldn’t have done it alone so a big shoutout to Henrike Fehrs and Patrick Steinmann! Thanks guys!

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The Ancient Magus’ Bride

Ich darf die weibliche Hauptrolle Chise Hatori in “The Ancient Magus Bride” sprechen! Danke für das Vertrauen Crunchyroll!

I am the voice of the female lead Chise Hatori in “The Ancient Magus Bride”! Thanks for the trust Crunchyroll!

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So ein schöner Trailer. Und die Stimme von dem Mädchen mit den blauen Haaren, kommt mir irgendwie bekannt vor… Euch auch? 😉

Such a nice trailer! And the voice from the blue haired girl sounds somewhat familiar don’t you think? 😊

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Nominated for Best Supporting Actress for “Gut Holz/Good Wood” by the Seoul Webfest

Thank you so much Seoul Webfest! 😀

“Well done and everything crossed for German actress, singer and writer Franciska Friede who has been nominated for ‘Best Supporting Actress’ for “Gut Holz/Good Wood” by the Seoul Webfest.

Franciska has a fantastic voice and performing presence as seen in her musical showreels.
She is German native, but speaks fluent English also. Read more

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